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What is Field Crumpets?

Field Crumpets is a game often compared to hockey and soccer. As with many sports, the teams attempt to put a ball in the opposing team's goal. That's where many of the similarities to other sports end.

In Field Crumpets, each player is armed with a red wiffle bat, which is the only tool they can use to dribble, pass and shoot on the opposing goal. The field is relatively small, which can lead to fast paced, heart pounding games. But the company is almost always friendly and (relatively) non-competetive.

Even a cursory glance at the rules, pictures, videos, game results and the rest of the page will reveal that crumpets has a little something extra that lets it enjoy a lighthearted, friendly atmosphere while maintaining some level of seriousness as a sport. Please, explore the site and make sure that you head to the message board if you have any questions at all.

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Rules of Field Crumpets
Here you can find the "Short Rules" for a quick start as well as the "Long and Boring Rules" for the people who want to really learn the game.

The Spirit of Crumpets
In the 'Rules' section you'll find "how to play the game". Here's where you find "how to play the game and really make it fun".

Here are the tools you need to play the game.

Game Results
Scores, team names and game reviews.
Right now they are all from Jayhawk League games, but we hope to change that soon.

Name Voting
Vote for your favorite team names! (See Winners)

Name Stats
See the win loss record for words used in team names.

A Brief History of Field Crumpets
Here you can get a glimpse into the creation of the game. Someday, when we're all famous, you'll wish you'd read this.

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