Field Crumpets Equipment

This section will (obviously) deal with the necessary equipment for Field Crumpets. There are really only three categories for this
  1. Crumpet Sticks (bats)
  2. Crumpets (balls)
  3. Generic Field Equipment

    1. Crumpet Sticks

      This is just one example. This particular stick is a Husky Hitter and was ordered from, which has proven to be a good place to get such sticks. They are a little shorter than the original sticks, but I don't know the brand on the originals and I haven't seen them in any stores lately. I would say order these any time of the year, although stores like Wal Mart will often carry crumpet sticks seasonally.

      Each player will need a crumpet stick, and you should probably expect to pay about $2 a piece for them.

    2. Crumpets

      This is an example of a crumpet. This particular one is named Smiley, for obvious reasons. Again, I don't know the brand name on these balls, but they are the ones that are generally in those tall bins at stores like (again) Wal Mart, Target, or many toy stores (Toys R Us and KB Toys come to mind).

      You only actually need one crumpet, but it's a good idea to have two or three because they do occasionally break. Expect to pay between $1 and $3 for a decent crumpet.

    3. Generic Field Equipment

      Here we have some stakes and some orange sports cones. Fourteen stakes is the ideal number. That's four stakes for the corners, and four for each goal (to mark the front and back of the goal). That's the 12, the other two would be to mark the halfway points on each side. Obviously, this can be done with cones or anything that will stay put when you stake it in. At least four sports cones are recommended in addition to the stakes. These are to mark the stakes that are the front of the goal. This is because sometimes, in the heat of the moment, a player will just see stakes and may not immediately recognize which ones mark the front of the goal and which ones mark out of bounds. The cones make it easier to identify the goal.

      Again, fourteen stakes and four sports cones. Expect to pay about $7 for a pack of 12 stakes at Wal Mart and expect to pay $6-10 for cones at most sporting goods stores.

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