A Brief History of Field Crumpets

The game of Crumpets (not to be confused with it's offshoot, Field Crumpets) was invented by Michael Nolan and Robbie Overton in 1995. It is very much like Badminton and involves hitting a shuttlecock across a fence using a fat, orange wiffle bat. It is very laid back, but surprisingly difficult (have you ever tried to make a shuttlecock go where you want it to by hitting it with a round object?). After a year or so of playing this game, it was decided that something a bit more aggressive was needed.

To fill this need, Mike and Robbie invented the game of Field Crumpets in 1996. The original playing field was simply the front yard of Robbie's house and, for the first several years of its existence, no one played field crumpets except for Michael, Robbie and Robbie's sisters, Carrie and Kristin.
After a few years, however, a few of Robbie's other friends began to get involved in the game and it quickly spread. In 2000 most of the regular players graduated from high school and spread across the country, disguised as college students, to spread the joy of Field Crumpets to all people.
Currently there are large pockets of Field Crumpets players in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and New York as well as smaller groups in other areas. The rules were written down in their current state in January of 2001, but little has changed since the beginnings of the game in 1996.

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