Jayhawk Division Stats

10 people showed up for a beatiful 70-degree February game of Field Crumpets. Three games were played, all of them fairly close.

Game 1 - "Masters of the Universe" edged out "Testosterone Driven Maniacs" by a score of 10-8. The game was constantly back and forth, but the TDM just couldn't keep up when it came time to put away the Masters.

Game 2 - "42" decided to give a long, difficult name to "Iraqi Military PooPoo Heads". They paid for it in the end, though, as the "Iraqi Military PooPoo Heads" pulled out another 10-8 victory. Again, a close game with an almost blown 6 point lead. Natasha Bowman suffered several injuries in this game, all of them resulting from opening gashing wounds with her jagged, broken crumpet stick. Note to everyone, make sure you have a good crumpet stick and you won't gash your hand open.

Game 3 - Nobody actually remembered the names on this one, but the closest we could come was the "Purple Walrus-Eating Squirrels" against the "Blind, Deaf, Mute Quadriplegics". I believe it surprised no one that the Squirrels outsped the Quadriplegics to win by a score of 10-6. Quadriplegic, Kim Blumenthal, although a valiant player in the other two games, gets the Benedict Arnold award for allowing the Squirrels to score the winning goal unhindered.

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