Jayhawk Division Stats

We had 10 people today for a very cold, very windy day of crumpets. In fact, in game three, the wind rules were introduced. This means that every time the scores add up to a multiple of five or greater the teams switch sides. This minimizes the wind damage to either team. It was determined that the wind had no significant affect on either team.
Kudos to Patrick Nuss for coming, even though it meant taking his lunch break 3 hours late and not eating lunch during it. It was good to see him back!

Game 1 - "Geriatric Avalanche" was soundly defeated by "Whiskers on Roses". This game saw one hand call which went unconverted. The final two points of the game were scored on a serve by the Whiskers. Due to the anticlimactic nature of this, it was decided that, from now on, no team can win a game off of a serve. Points can still be scored off of a serve, just not the game winning points. It was also suggested by the Geriatrics that the wind played a role in their defeat. But, as the wind was mostly a crosswind, the Whiskers didn't take them too seriously.

Game 2 - The "Frosted Little Helpers" stepped to the plate with high hopes for victory. However, their dreams were quickly dashed to shreds by "That's an Unusual Little Hat", with a score of 10-2. The Hats blew out of the start gate with a solid 8 points before the Helpers were able to pull it together and get their two points. The Hats, having been on the same side as "Geriatric Avalanche" from the previous game, maintained that the wind played a part, though perhaps not a large one, in their defeat.

Game 3 - "Soylent Crumpets is People" edged out a victory over "We're Losing Because of the Wind" in a 10-5 game. Soylent came out quickly scoring the first point, which seemed to foretell a quick end for "We're Losing". However, "We're Losing" responded with a pair of single point goals and Soylent pulled out one more single point goal making the score 2-2 before the game became totally deadlocked for about 9 million years.
After the 9 million years were up, Soylent managed to squeak out two points, making the score 4-2 and requiring a switch of sides due to the wind rule. After the side switch the game accelerated slightly, with the next side switch coming at 7-3. Shortly thereafter "We're Losing" lost their extra player due to his lack of gloves. After this the game snowballed and ended with "We're Losing" scoring one more two-pointer and the Soylents scoring three more points total.

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