The American Field Crumpets League

Jayhawk Division Movies

Here are some music videos created from footage from Jayhawk Division Field Crumpets.

I've decided to go with only Windows Media Format 9, since this would allow me to put more videos on my webspace at UMKC. They are all ~300 kbps, so if that is too fast for your connection to stream, right click and save as instead. These are all Windows Media Format 9 at 300kbps. If this is too fast for your connection (or my connection isn't fast enough for it) then right click and select 'save as...' instead. If you prefer Google Video then go here.


The Middle

Force Your Way
This song is battle music from Final Fantasy VIII, performed by The Black Mages.

Right Now (You could be playing Field Crumpets)

Eye of the Field Crumpet

Start the Commotion - Field Crumpets Style

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