Jayhawk Division Stats - January 25th 2003

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We had 16 people for quasi-snow crumpets. No snow was actually on the field, but snow was in sight, and the ground was squishy. So it's like snow.

Game 1 - "Wookie Prints" beat "Sliding Door" by a score of 10-8. There was some confusion because of a lack of crumpet sticks. So there was much subbing of players, with players not always subbing back onto the team from which they subbed out. It keeps it interesting, though.

Game 2 - Some people left, and Greg showed up with more crumpet sticks. So this time there was no confusing subbing. The "Pissants" edged out "Dole and the Pineapple Pirates" by a score of 10-7. The Pineapple Pirates were at one point down 8-2, but had a strong 5-0 run over the Pissants. In the end, however, they were unable to overcome the deficit. One injury occured in this game, with Heather Bowman taking a high cheek shot. No major damage was done, but play paused for a moment as we made sure she could still see.

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