Jayhawk Division Stats

It was an unusually lovely day today temperature wise. It was a very comfortable mid-60's, although the wind ended up causing some skewed games, in spite of the presence of the wind rule.

Game 1 - In the first game, "We Feel Happy!" (Pat, John, Michelle, Dan) faced off against "I'm a Cardinals Fan Now" (Robbie, Melissa, Justin, Eric). "Card's Fan" started with the wind at their back and the extra player, although Michelle soon arrived to fix the latter problem. Even against the wind, though, "We Feel Happy" performed exceptionally well, putting the score at 3-2 in favor of "Card's Fan" at the side switch. Once the wind was against them, "Card's Fan" only managed one more point the entire game, and by the time of the next side switch, they were too far gone to mount a come back, so the final score was 10-3 in favor of "We Feel Happy!".

Game 2 - Robbie was gone for most of game two, so most of it was a 4v3 game between "Grab the Bull by the Oysters" (Dan, Michelle, Jennifer, Patrick) and "Anti-Freeze Pops" (Justin, John, Eric, Robbie/Greg). Greg showed up late, and Robbie showed up just in time to get put in goal and let the winning point go by. The wind basically governed this game, with almost all of the points being scored by the team who had the wind at their backs. It did make for some exciting comebacks, although, in the end, the comeback wasn't enough for "Anti-Freeze Pops" who fell 10-7. In this game, Dan wore one yellow sock, and one green sock, and invented the terms "Crumpetiquette" (for situations like getting the crumpet after you score) and "Cherry Planting" (for the person who hangs out near the goal to get the ball and pass it way down field).

Game 3 - The wind also played a major role in the final game between "We Support Al Qaeda" (John, Patrick, Jennifer, Greg) and "Vote Wind for Governor on November Second" (Justin, Dan, Michelle, Robbie). "Vote Wind" began against the wind, but managed to put up 2 points anyway to only be down 3-2 at the switch. They then proceeded to rack up the points, scoring 4 more before the next switch, at which point they led 7-4. With the wind at their back again, the supporters jumped right back into the game to take a 7-8 lead before the next wind shift. With the wind against them, the supporters rallied up one more point to get up to 9-7 before "Vote Wind" could take advantage of its namesake and score a two-pointer to tie up the game at crumpet point. In the end, a fortunate run by Patrick and Jennifer wound up being more than Dan could handle in goal and Patrick put away the final point of the game to end the game 10-9 in favor of "We Support Al Qaeda".

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