Jayhawk Division Stats

Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks to those who could make it out today for some holiday crumpets. We definitely had a blast!

Game 1 - The crumpets club would like to welcome Joe to the group. We enjoyed having you and hope that you return for many more games in the future.

In the first game, "Double Your Shoes" (Justin, Robbie, Dan, Heather, John) squared off against "Wind for the Secretary of Interior" (Joe, Patrick, Melissa, Greg, Jen). The game proved to be very close in spite of the fact that "Shoes" had an extra player for much of the game. Justin had some particularly mighty kicks in this game, one of which found Patrick's face and one of which found Melissa's face. Melissa ended up riding out the rest of the game on the sideline and Michelle graciously picked the number that forced her to switch sides to even things up a bit. In the end, "Double Your Shoes" pulled out the victory by a score of 10-8.

Game 2 - In the second game, Robbie and Melissa had to run off to see a recital. The game went ahead, though, with "We're Waiting for Robbie" (Justin, Patrick, Jen, Joe) defeating "We Have Gas" (Heather, Dan, Michelle, John) by a score of 10-4. We Have Gas was named for an unfortunate passer whose car ran out of gas right near the crumpets field.

Game 3 - In an amazing defensive game, "We Are Sausage Fest" (Robbie, Patrick, Joe, John, Justin) clashed with "Football is Waiting for Robbie" (Jen, Michelle, Mel, Greg, Dan). Although the 10-0 final score in favor of "Sausage Fest" doesn't reflect it, both sides played a very tight game, especially on the defensive end, with both teams making some amazing saves and steals.

Game 4 - In the final game of the day, "Melissa's Harem" (Mel, Dan, Joe, Patrick) soundly defeated "Purple Ninety" (John, Greg, Robbie, Justin) by a score of 10-5.

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