Jayhawk Division Stats

Welcome back sports fans. It was a lovely, although a bit chilly, November day. Perfect for crumpets. We even got a little publicity as basketball time drew near and people started to line up at the fieldhouse. The Crumpets Club would like to welcome back Agate.

Game 1 - In the first game, "John, Justin, Melissa, Patrick" (John, Justin, Melissa, Patrick, Greg) faced off against "47 Orthopods" (Patrick, Robbie, Heather, Eric, Dan, Aggie). The game was neck and neck up to a score of 9-7 before a fluke shot snuck past Orthopod Aggie to end the game 10-7 with "John, Justin, Melissa, Patrick" on top.

Game 2 - In game two, "I have a Cupcake" (Greg, Justin, Heather, Pat) played against "John's on Our Team" (Melissa, John, Dan, Patrick, Robbie). This was a long, hard-fought game that crossed the 3pm deadline for having the cars out of the parking lots reserved for the basketball game. So in the middle, we decided to have a small game with two crumpets while people moved their cars.

In game 2a (with two balls) Robbie, Greg, and Heather led until right at the end when Patrick fired off two two-point shots right in a row to make the final score 7-5 in favor of Patrick, John, Dan, et al.

After everyone returned for the real game 2, John had an amusing trapping play in which the ball lodged itself (all by itself, I swear) between his arm and body. There was no call until John moved with the ball, then trapping was finally called. The game continued to be close, but "I Have a Cupcake" pulled it out by a score of 10-7.

Game 3 - In the last of three 10-7 games, "Government Employed Trial Lawyers" (Patrick, Melissa, Justin, John) had a magnificent come-from-behind against "Crumpets Performance, Minor in Losing" (Robbie, Heather, Patrick, Greg). "Performance" jumped to a commanding 5-0 lead before Patrick F., who had been goalie for the Lawyers, discovered that he could go commando. With his fresh legs and ne'er-stop-running attitude, he rallied his team for a powerful 10-2 run ending the game 10-7 in favor of "Government Employed Trial Lawyers".

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