Jayhawk Division Stats - December 12th 2004

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It was a pretty chilly day for crumpets, and several people weren't there due to stop-day weekend festivities, but the faithful few had a great time playing two long games.

Game 1 - In game one, "You throw too late" defeated "Just go up there John, hit it!" by a score of 10-8.

Game 2 - In a very confusing second game, "Yes! Teflon me to the Ceiling" faced off against "We've had Dumber". Somewhere around 6-6 the teams lost track of the score. In the end, each team was awarded an extra point based on confusion. The final goal came from a hotly disputed near-over-the-post call which ended in favor of the scoring team, but in the end the game was called sort of a draw, with one of the teams having 10 and one having 9 but nobody knowing really which one was which.

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