Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a bit chilly on stop day, but we went ahead with Stop-Day crumpets anyway! Many of the people who said they'd be there were, sadly, not there. But, many who said they'd be there were in fact there! So we played anyway! We'd also like to welcome Brian, who played for the first time this week.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Osama Bin Goose" (Justin, John) jumped out with the first goal against "Protractile Iambic Pentameter" (Robbie, Mel, Patrick) and a close game was played until around 6-6. At this point, "Protractile" pulled out a few goals and put the game away 10-6 in their favor.

Game 2 - In the second game, "Next Week on Fox" (Mel, Justin, John) was enjoying an absolute blowout against "Burning Time at the Steakhouse" (Robbie, Patrick). With the score 6-1 in favor of "Fox", Dan showed up to give much-needed support to "Steakhouse". With the fresh legs, "Steakhouse" was able to turn the tables and the game ended 10-8 in favor of "Burning Time at the Steakhouse".

Game 3 - Gracious me. I totally forgot to write this game down, but I know we played a third game. Brian showed up for this one and joined in on his first game of crumpets. I don't remember what his team was called, but I think his team won. The other team was called "He's the Brian Who Came With Kyra", but I dont' remember what their score was. Sorry to totally botch the report on your first game, Brian.

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