Jayhawk Division Stats - April 26th 2003

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We had 10 today for a gorgious day of crumpets by Allen Fieldhouse. A little windy, but nothing so bad as to warrant using the wind rule.

We ran into a new situation today, with an inbounds pass. The pass was intended for the goalie, but was hit a little too hard on the passer's part and completely missed (not touched at all) on the goalie's part. The ball proceeded into the goal of the team passing the ball in. An argument ensued over weather it was a point. Rob (the passer) insisted that since nobody touched the ball, that it was no goal and the other team got the ball next to his goal. Robbie (the goalie) insisted that, since it's perhaps the single most foolish mistake in the game, and is a totally different situation from someone bringing the ball in and then shooting on the other team's goal, it should count as a point.

The end ruling is a new rules ammendment. If the ball is brought into play, and enters into the goal of the team who brought it in, but nobody touches the ball, it still counts as a point.

Game 1 - "Two is the Only Number" defeated "Coach McGirk" in a 10-3 skirmish. This game started out as 2 on 2. "Coach McGirk" added Michelle when she showed up, but then Katie got sick, so Michelle had to move to "Two is the Only Number". Katie miraculously got well when the score was 9-3 and came back in so she could share in the final glorious moments, forcing Michelle back onto "Coach McGirk".

Game 2 - This game was 3 on 3, boys vs. girls. "We're Pigs" (the boys) came right out of the shoot, scoring two one-touch two pointers against "Why Don't We Just Surrender Now" (the girls). "Surrender now" then picked it up a bit, and the rest of the game was a slow, painful shutout, 10-0.

Game 3 - "Don't Make Me Blush" carried a strong advantage over "Bank of the Galapagos" throughout this long game. "Blush" pulled slowly, ever so slowly, to a 6-1 lead over "Bank" but, when Rob showed up and joined "Blush", they promptly got worse. This is when "Bank" pulled out four quick points (relatively) to make the score 8-5. Then "Blush" scored and won.

Game 4 - We shared our field with some other people in this game. Some frisbee throwers were on one side, and some soccer players on the other side. But they stayed off our area of play and we stayed off theirs. We did kind of weird them out, though.
In this game, "Hello Soccer Players" defeated "Three Serious Athletes" by a score of 10-8. The game was slow, but steady, in favor of "Hello Soccer Players", who climbed to an 8-4 lead, one painful, exhausting point at a time. At this time, the wind picked up and the "Serious Athletes" accepted the offer of using the wind rule. What do you know, turns out the wind had an effect. With the wind at their backs, the "Serious Athletes" took a 4-1 run over "Hello Soccer Players". However, they just couldn't quite hold out and the "Soccer Players" weaseled out the one final point they needed.
One player compared the game to the Jayhawks losing the national tournament, except that we didn't take any last-second buzzer shots, miss any free throws, or have anyone foul out. We also didn't have anyone who cared who won or lost, except the people who were playing. Other than that, our game was almost exactly like the Jayhawks losing the championship.

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