Jayhawk Division Stats - March 19th 2005

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Welcome to the results of the first ever PanAmerican Crumpets weekend! Representatives from Kansas, Montan, Ohio, Indiana, and New York arrived in Indianapolis to play lots of joint and muscle-destroying crumpets! It was great!

Game 1 - In the first game, which the Kansas group wasn't present for (stupid time change), "Who Wants to be Captain" defeated "Go Nevada" in a blowout 10-0 game.

Game 2 - In the second game, "Little Yellow Chickens" defeated "Something Derogatory" by a score of 10-6. This was the largest game of the day, as it was played after Kansas arrived and before Illinois left. As such, one of the big problems for everyone was remembering who was on their team, let alone remembering their names.

Game 3 - Before this game we were introduced to Montana-Style team selection, in which everyone stands in a line and steps left or right. Everyone who steps left is on one team, everyone who steps right on the other. Very cool.

In this game, "Severely Attenuated Jetstream" defeated "Left Wing Conspiracy" by a score of 10-5.

Game 4 - The fourth game was a quality match-up between "Tau's a Reject" and "Start Crying, I'm Hungry". Highlights of this game include an opening-serve score by Robbie, followed by another point for "Start Crying". Then Greg got in goal and his team stopped scoring. That is, they stopped scoring until Greg went Commando and returned a serve for two points. In other highlights, Maggie scored an excellent goal when Robbie tried to bring the ball in next to his own goal and she stole it, putting up two points for "Tau's a Reject". And let's not forget Robbie diving in front of the potentially winning goal, kicking it repeatedly and shouting "I'M KICKING IT! I'M KICKING IT!" just in case there was any question if the kicks were intentional. In the end, though, "Tau's a Reject" emerged the victor by a score of 10-5.

Game 5 - In game 5, "Pictures Steal Our Soul" defeated "Good Ol' Rock" by a score of 10-3.

Game 6 - The final game of the evening came just at dusk when the ball is hard to see and people's faces are easy to hit. In this game, "Across, I'm Open" fought hard to get a 9-0 lead over "Yeep, bdeep, bdeep, That's All Folks!". Once they were down by 9, "That's All Folks" decided to put up three consecutive 1-point goals in order to prevent the shut-out. In spite of these efforts, the final score was 10-3 in favor of "Across, I'm Open".

Everyone ate delicious lasagna and cinnamon rolls, and some of everyone tried to fix a player piano, while the rest of everyone sat there exhausted.

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