Jayhawk Division Stats - April 17th 2005

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Today was a beautiful day for crumpets. A little windy, as often is the case, but perfect temperature. The club welcomes back the Finger sisters, who haven't been seen in these parts in nigh-on 2 years. It also welcomes back Brett, who almost weekly walks past the games and doesn't join in, regardless of how much heckling he takes. All three did a great job!

Game 1 - In an unfortunate first game, "The Price is Wrong, Biscuit!" (Robbie, Justin, John, Dan) faced off against "This Isn't Belly Fat" (Mel, Chris, Eric, Jose). "Biscuit" started off against the wind, but things began to bode ill for "Belly Fat" when "Biscuit" scored all 5 points before the first switch. The ball spent much time in the air in this game, which was also a factor working against "Belly Fat" as they got shut out, 10-0.

Game 2 - In the second game, "You're the Bee's Knees" (Abby, Deborah, Chris, John, Dan, Mel, Greg) defeated "Death to Rabbits" (Jose, Robbie, Heather, Justin, Eric, Brett). The "Knees" started off with the wind and took a strong 5-0 lead at the switch. With the wind at their backs, "Rabbits" scored 4 straight, but couldn't complete the wind advantage, allowing Greg to score on an amazing hard-angled shot to make the score 7-4 at the next switch. With the wind now at their backs again, the last three points were all downhill for "Bees' Knees", who finished the game 10-4.

Game 3 - Game three was a quite close game between "Bob's Candy Shack" (Mel, Jose, Chris, John, Dan, Robbie) and "We Missed the First Game, Except Justin" (Deborah, Abby, Heather, Justin, Eric, Brett, Greg). "Bob's" took advantage of the early wind advantage to lead 4-0 when Brett made a spectacular "backwards-over-the-head" shot to put the score at 4-2 at the switch. With the wind at their backs, "Except Justin" was able to retie the game at 4-4 and then match "Bob's" to a score of 7-7. In the end, though, "Bob's" was able to pull out a 10-7 victory of "Except Justin".

Game 4 - In another tremendously close game, "Spotted Tiger Cats" (Abby, Jose, Greg, Justin, Heather, Mel) played against "Ahh, the Petal is Pretty" (Robbie, Deborah, Chris, Dan, John, Brett). With the wind at their back, "Petal" took a fast 5-0 lead before the switch, including a lucky shot by John that was in just the right place for Robbie to redirect it into the goal for 2. After the switch, the scoring didn't go so fast, but the "Tiger Cats" managed to creep back into the game to go into the next switch down 6-4. The "Tiger Cats" then spent much of their energy getting another goal against the wind to tie the game at 6. Now against the wind and tired, the "Tiger Cats" managed to score a goal against themselves by putting the ball high into the air and letting the wind blow it back in. Ahead 8-6 and with the wind, things looked good for "Petal", but a splendid throw by Greg near the "Petal" goal altered the trajectory of Robbie's pass and sent it sailing back into the goal to tie the score at 8 going into the last switch. With the wind at their back in the end, the "Spotted Tiger Cats" were able to come away with a 10-8 victory over "Ahh, the PEtal is Pretty".

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