Jayhawk Division Stats - May 25th 2005

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As always, another glorious day for crumpets. The temperature was great, the wind was low (until the last game) and it was an all around nice evening. We were a bit short on people, but that's to be expected the first week of summer, I guess. We'd like to welcome Jason back, and hope he'll continue to continue to come!

Game 1 - The first game was a 2 on 2 game between "Barmacidal Tendencies" (Robbie, Melissa) and "Radioactive Battle Wounds" (Justin, Joe). "Wounds" jumped out early with a 2-pointer from Justin before "Barm" pulled ahead with a 2-pointer by Robbie and 3 points by Mel. Wounds answered with 3 points from Joe, 2 from Justin, and 2 more from Joe to put them up 9-5. Robbie was able to put up another three for "Barm" with a 2-pointer and a 1-pointer off a steal from Joe. Joe ended the game though with a one-pointer to finish 10-8 in favor of "Radioactive Battle Wounds".

Game 2 - Game two was a showdown between "Robbie Means That Much To Us" (Robbie, Heather, Melissa) and "Timmy Has Drowned in the Missouri River" (Justin, Joe, Greg, Jason). "Robbie" jumped out very solidly with the wind at their back to take a 7-0 lead before "Timmy" was able to come back with a 2-pointer and a pair of 1's to make the score 7-4. In the end, another 2 pointer and a feed to Heather for 1 put "Robbie Means That Much To Us" up by a score of 10-4.

Game 3 - In one of the most well-fought games of the evening, "Blank Stare out of the Sun" (Robbie, Justin, Heather, John) battled against "Swamp Thing Swimming up the Kaw" (Mel, Greg, Joe). Once again the team with fewer players went up first with "Swampy" scoring 1 point. Not to be outdone, "Blanky" put up one of their own. "Swamp" scored another 1, and "Blank" answered with a 2 to put the score at 3-2 at the switch in favor of "Blank". "Swamp" scored 2 more singles, which were answered by "Blank" scoring a double. "Swamp" scored another double to make the score 6-5 at the next switch, in favor of "Swamp". With the wind at their backs and the extra player, "Blank" was able to command the late game and ended up scoring five more points unanswered to win 10-6 over "Swamp Thing Swimming up the Kaw".

Game 4 - The final game of the evening was between "Creative Gear Has Disappeared" (Robbie, Heather, Justin) and "Frothy, Rabid Peach" (Greg, Joe, Jason). "Gear" took back the opening serve with a pass to Heather, who one-touched a pass back to Robbie for a fast 2-pointer. The next three points were equally fast for "Gear". At this point, though, the wind had picked up. With the wind now at their backs, "Peach" went on a 4-1 run to make the score 6-4 in favor of "Gear" at the next switch. With the wind again at their back Gear put up 3 more points, in spite of Jason's best efforts blocking 4 out of 6 shots against their goal. "Peach" put up another two-pointer to rise to 6 points, but Heather finished the game by spinning a bad pass into the goal to win the game 10-6 for "Creative Gear Has Disappeared".

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