Jayhawk Division Stats

We had 12 today for a spur-of-the-moment grillout-turned-crumpets game. The weather was good, although it got dark before the game finished, which caused many problems and may be responsible for several injuries and one game-deciding farkle.

Game 1 - "Avogadro's Number" defeated "France" in a come-from-behind 10-9 victory. We were shy a few crumpet sticks, since mine are still on loan, so the goalies had to make do without crumpet sticks, which is an entirely different ball game.
The game was neck and neck until the score of 5-5, when "France" tore out to a 9-5 lead. The next goal was a heavily debated two point shot which went, in my opinion, over the post. However, since I'm much worse at farkling than I am at being goalie (even when I don't have a stick, I'm a better gaolie than farkler) the two points were lost. "Avogadro" scored one more two-pointer to tie it up at 9.
It was at this point that Tau's head managed to find Madelaine's head. Madelaine came away with two bumps. Although the initial report was that she had a dent in her forehead, it turned out to most likely be two small bumps with a small section of normal in between. Tau, on the other hand, was not so lucky. A bent nose may be Tau's eternal trophy of his team's victory over "France".
In the end, a false hand call lead to a moment of hesitation which saw the final one pointer find its way into the corner of the goal.

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