Jayhawk Division Stats - June 29th 2005

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It was a bit blustery for our KC crumpets today, but it was still good. Greg convinced Brian and Anita to come try crumpets today, and the two of them did a great job! Hopefully we'll be seeing them again soon. Jessica also joined us today for the first time. She was headed by on the jogging path, made the mistake of looking curious and asking what we were playing, and found herself joining in to help the team who had one fewer player. Due to the terrain, I found us fortunate that nobody twisted an ankle yesterday, as part of the field was very rough and not well-designed for crumpets.

Game 1 - Game one was between "Bloodless Vampires" (Heather, Justin, Jason, Robbie) and "I'm Slightly Distorted Today" (Mel, Greg, Anita, Brian). The first four points came quickly for "Vampires" before "Distorted" put up a point against the wind. "Distorted" got the next two points with the wind at their backs, but experience and the advantage of starting with the wind helped carry "Bloodless Vampires" to a 10-3 victory.

Game 2 - Game two looked an aweful lot like game 1. "Bad Attempt At Humor" (Robbie, Mel, Greg, Brian, Heather) took an early 4-1 lead with the wind at their back over "I've Got a Rumbly in my Tumbly" (Justin, Jason, Greg, Anita, Joel). With the wind on their side, "Rumbly" scored another two, but once again was unable to compensate and fell 10-3 to "Bad Attempt at Humor". You might have noticed that Greg was on both teams in this game. We had much switching in and out due to injuries, with Greg leaving first, and Mel leaving when Greg came back in, and then "Humor" winning them both back in a farkle when Mel was ready to re-enter.

Game 3 - This game was truly epic. Game three was a face off between "Crumply Crumblers" (Robbie, Greg, Jessica, Justin, Anita) and "I Saw Pooh and That's What I Thought Of" (Brian, Mel, Reshad, Heather, Joel). "Pooh", with the wind and the fresh/extra player, took the first blood with a 1-pointer which was answered by a textbook 2 on 1 rush with Greg and Robbie getting by all the defenders for a pass play against Melissa, who couldn't possibly have defended it any better than she did. Not to be outdone, "Pooh" put up another 2-pointer to be up 3-2 at the switch.

The next two goals were 1-pointers for "Crumblers", who now had the wind at their backs and were up 4-3. That changed on an against-the-wind 2-pointer for "Pooh" which was answered by a with-the-wind 1-pointer to tie the game at 5-5 for the second switch.

With the wind at their backs, "Pooh" put another 1-point up before everyone needed a water break. During the water break, Reshad was bragging that the "Crumblers" couldn't possibly overcome their current deficit. He would have been right, most likely, if Jessica hadn't wandered by just then and joined in to help out the team with fewer people. With the new player, "Crumblers" put up another 2 very quickly to take a 7-6 lead and get Reshad to be quiet. Unhappy with this, Reshad went ahead and put up another point to tie the score at 7's. "Pooh" then mounted a very nice offense and took a point-blank shot that was again defended very nicely by Robbie (the goalie) who squared up perfectly. The ball, however, sometimes does whatever it wants and it rolled over the top of Robbie's bat and head and into the goal for 2 to put "Pooh" on top, 7-9 at the final switch.

At this point, "Crumblers" went nuts, mustering every last ounce of energy they could for the final attack with the wind at their backs. This resulted in a fine 2-point play for "Crumblers" who tied the game at 9 and got a relieved Robbie out of the goal. The next serve went to Joel, who has the misfortune of being less experienced, and was therefore surprised when Robbie was on top of him at almost the same time that he was getting the ball. Having caught "Pooh" on their heels, Robbie was able to take a long-range pot-shot and put up a 1-pointer to end the game 10-9 in favor of "Crumply Crumblers" over "I Saw Pooh and That's What I Thought Of".

After the games we spent a little time doing handstands (or trying to do handstands) on the field before heading home.

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