Jayhawk Division Stats - September 25th 2005

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Today was our first Sunday game for the season. Unfortunately the game was met with some problems, mainly the lack of crumpeters. At 1:45 there were 4 1/2 crumpeters, which grew to 5 1/2 at about 2:15 when the games started.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Air Quotes" (Dan, Brad, Joe^(5-4)) defeated "Only wanna be with you (dum dum dum dum dum)" (Greg, Heather, Jason, Talia) by a score of 10-8. This game started out, in addition to late, kinda lazy. Quotes came out to an early 4-0 lead before "Be with you" got on the board with two of their own. At this point the game became more hard-fought and the scoring got fewer and farther between. Eventually when the score was about at 5-4 (I'm unsure of the particular score at the time), Joe showed up and joined the side that was playing 2 on 3 1/2.

Joe's presence got Quotes rolling again, and he was able to help Quotes onto a 8-5 lead. "Be with you" managed to pull back to 8-8 before Quotes got another one-pointer.

The final point of the game came down to a pretty nifty inbounds play by Dan who knicked the crumpet off of the body of the in-bounds defender and into the goal for one point.

Game 2 - In the second game of the day, the warmer tempuratures and direct sunlight came into play a bit more, causing for many players to do significantly less running. In this game "Dad and Two Other Guys" (Greg, Brad, Jason, Talia) managed to defeat "Everyone is Ignoring Me For Once" (Heather, Dan, Joe) by the narrowist of margins, 10-9.

This game started off with a quick three points going to "Everyone" before "Dad/Other Guys" managed to poke through a two pointer for the switch. Points were exchanged in a particular order which cannot be described here due to poor memories and lack of writing things down. What did happen was that "Everyone" managed to get up to a sizable lead before Greg went stark-raving mad and led a full-on assault on "Everyone"'s goal. In the end the score came to 9-8 in favor of Everyone before a good outlet pass from Brad managed to make it behind all of Everyone's players, including the goalie Heather. Heather did put up a valient fight in the end before Greg could score the final two-pointer to put the game away.

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