Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a beautiful November day today that felt more like a September day. As such, we had quite a turnout. We'd like to welcome back Mad, Fenty and Barbara who we haven't seen for quite some time. We'd also like to welcome my sister, Kristin, who we haven't seen for a while and Scott, who was actually a new player today.

Game 1 - The first game saw "Spiderman's Outta the Closet" (Robbie, Mad, Greg, David, Lindsay, Mel, Heather) defeat "Batman and Spiderman in Couple's Councilling" (Peter, Fenty, John, Barbara, Justin, Brad) by a score of 10-9. "Closet" took a single-point lead but then dropped to being down 1-4 at the switch, with two of those four points scored by Justin sitting on the ground in front of the goal and swinging away. After still being down 4-6 at the next switch, "Closet" was able to pull it back and tie it before disaster struck. On an easy lobbed shot at Greg (in goal) his teammate, Robbie, decided to try to help out by stopping the ball, then getting out of the way for Greg's kick. Unfortunately, Robbie merely directed the ball around Greg and into the goal for 2 points against his own goalie. "Councilling" put up another single to be on top 6-9 before "Closet" mounted a comeback, scoring a two-pointer and then having the good fortune to have a brilliant save of Justin bounce off of David's foot and into the goal for 2.

Game 2 - Game two was between "I Prefer Epee-age to Foil-age" (Robbie, Lindsay, Fenty, Greg, John, Peter) and "Something Mispronounced" (David, Brad, Justin, Heather, Mad, Mel) with the swords coming out on top, 10-4. "Mispronounced" actually took an early 0-2 lead and then, after that was matched by "Prefer", they took a 4-2 lead. That was the end of their scoring, though, as "Prefer" went the distance to win this one.

Game 3 - The third game was a win for "We've Got One of Yours" (John, Barbara, Greg, Brad, Justin, Heather) over "Victims of an Erroneous Captaincy" (Robbie, Fenty, Mel, David, Lindsay) by a score of 10-5. This game saw John score a goal on the serve. I can't recall anyone doing this since we started regularly playing with a larger field, and I KNOW I haven't seen anyone do it on the Fraser Field, with all of its trees. Congratulations to John.

Game 4 - The final game of the day was a win for "I'm Goalie" (Mel, David, Barbara, Greg, Brad, Fenty) over "I'm Goalie" (Robbie, Lindsay, John, Justin, Heather) by a tight score of 10-9. The points came very fast early in this game, with someone making the comment that this wasn't a defensive game at all. Then it turned defensive, as if responding to that challenge. The midpoints of this game came VERY slowly, and each team crept along, answering the scores of the other team. "I'm Goalie" (losers) lead for the bulk of the game, not letting the lead slip until around a score of 8-7. A 2-pointer still put "I'm Goalie" (losers) back on top, 8-9. However, a head's-up play by Mel put the last two points of the day through for "I'm Goalie" (winners).

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