Jayhawk Division Stats - November 13th 2005

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It was a briskly cool, but nice day today. For the second week in a row we had a heck of a turnout. Let's keep going for those good numbers! Welcome back to Dan "Coach Gimpy" Flynn, who returned from his injury to at least sit on the sidelines and take some pictures today. Hopefully that means we'll have some really good Pictures of the Week in the next few weeks.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Coach of the Sharp Stick" (Fenty, Lindsay, Greg, John, David, Deborah) defeated "All Hail Coach Gimpy" (Justin, Mel, Robbie, Heather, Brad, Barbara, Dan*) by a score of 10-7. "Sharp Stick" got the first blood, as you might guess, with John scoring a 2-pointer early. "Coach" put up a 2 of their own before John put up another 2 for "Stick" to make it 4-2 at the switch. John again scored the first 2 after the switch before "Coach" scored again to be down 6-4 at the second switch. Two singles brought "Coach" back into the game at a 6-6 tie before they were outscored 4-1 to lose the game.

* - Denotes "Coach".

Game 2 - In the second game, "Rabid Gravy Rising in the Gorge" (Robbie, Melissa, Fenty, John, David, Deborah) fell to "We're a Giant Spider that Eats People" (Lindsay, Justin, Barbara, Greg, Heather, Brad) by a score of 10-6. "Spider" scored two singles but the lead was quickly lost to a two-pointer from "Gorge". "Spider" took control again, though, to lead 4-2 at the switch. That lead was again lost as "Gorge" scored 3 points to take their only lead of the game before being outscored 6-1 to round out their loss.

Game 3 - After much talk about squirrels, "I Like My Other Fiance Better" (Robbie, Melissa, Greg, Heather, Brad**, John**-***) named the other team "The Acorns" (Justin, Lindsay, Fenty, David, Deborah, John***) in the hopes that they would receive a squirrel name and be the ones who got to eat the Acorns. It wasn't to be, so "Fiance" won the game 10-9 out of spite.

"Acorns" lead early with a lead-off double but a single and a double from "Fiance" put them on top 2-3 at the switch. Not to be outdone, "Acorns" scored a double and a single of their own to go up 5-3 before allowing a double and a single after the next switch to again lose the lead 5-6. "Acorns" put up another 2 to lead 7-6, then allowed a 2 to be down 7-8 at the final switch. It was at this point that "Acorns" lost their one-man advantage as Mel had to head out and John was selected by Coach Dan to fill her spot on "Fiance". As if to prove that they didn't need the extra player, the "Acorns" got the first score after that switch with a shot that wizzed by Goalie John to take a 9-8 lead and put themselves at Crumpet Point. A single by "Fiance" knotted the game up once again at 9 before Greg was finally able to knock through the final point of the game to win it for "Fiance".

** - Denotes unmarried/unengaged member of the team.
*** - Denotes True Neutral individual whose conscience (or Coach) makes them play for the team with fewer players.
**-*** - Denotes both of the above.

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