Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a little chilly, but not by mid-November standards, for a marathon day of crumpets today. We started at 10:00am, played 3 games, broke for lunch and juggling, then returned for 2 more games. We'd like to welcome Kaymay and Aaron who joined us for the first time, and we'd like to welcome back Patrick, who we've missed.

Game 1 - The first game was something of a blowout with "Hit it to a Boy" (Patrick, Peter, Justin, Deborah, Abby, Dan) defeating "Estrogen Overload" (Robbie, Kamay, Brad, Mel, Mad, Lindsay) by a score of 10-1. The first points came very slowly as solid defense was played on both sides. When they came, it was a watershed for "Boy", who took a 7-0 lead before Kaymay scored the only goal for "Estrogen" to keep it from being a shutout.

Game 2 - Game two was an amazing showdown between "Mess With My Donkey" (Mel, Lindsay, Mad, Peter, Patrick, Greg, Abby) and "Beer Pants" (Robbie, Justin, Brad, Heather, Kaymay, Deborah, Dan). "Donkey" got first blood with a 1-pointer, but was then outscored 2-8 before they could record any more points. They then went on a 4-0 run to be down 7-8 at the switch. A very close shot by Patrick was ruled (by farkle) to be over the post and "Pants" scored another singleton to lead 7-9. Three unanswered singles by "Donkey", though, took them to an amazing come-from-behind win in a 10-9 game.

Game 3 - Game three resulted in a 10-4 win with "Shadowbox Dancers" (Peter, Mad, Aaron, Abby) falling to "C-B-C-G" (Robbie, Patrick, Heather, Greg, Deborah). This was actually the first after-lunch game (contrary to my earlier statement) and movement was slow.

Game 4 - In another not-close game, "Bob's a Horse" (Heather, Deborah, Patrick, Aaron, Brad, Dan) defeated "Mel, X's answer is Y" (Robbie ,Justin, Lindsay, Abby, Greg) by a score of 10-4. We had a new, highly inflated ball for this game that nearly destroyed Aaron, which is not what we try to do to our new players (unless they're girls, then Patrick needs to run over them). But we gradually loosened up the new crumpet a bit, and it turned out to be good.

Game 5 - In another nice come-from-behind game, "Infinite Luminous Caterpillar" (Robbie, Greg, Heather, Brad) defeated "Backpackula" (Justin, Lindsay, Deborah, Patrick) by a score of 10-6. "Caterpillar" fell to a 4-1 deficit before the switch, and then allowed another point after to be down 5-1. At this point, a triple scrub by "Backpackula" followed by a comment by Dan (on video) about the scrub dance being the beginning of a comeback, "Caterpillar" scored 7 unanswered points. Even then, they only allowed one more point to finish out the game 10-6 in their favor.

After the games we headed over to Dan's to eat, drink, be merry and watch Looney Toons.

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