Jayhawk Division Stats

We almost had snow crumpets. But the 10 inches of snow melted into some lovely slush and mud. I'm glad I'm not the KU groundskeeping unit having to pick up after us...

Game 1 - The first game was something of a blowout between "We Are Getting So Hot, We Wanna Take Our Clothes Off" (Brad, Justin, Dan) and "Scarred by Smiley" (Robbie, Mel, Lindsay, Kristin). "Hot" won the first game by a score of 10-1.

Game 2 - Continuing the trend of long team names winning, "I Like My Defense Tight and my Offense Fast and Loose" (Greg, Brad, Ross, Heather, Dan) defeated "Drowning the Playa" (Robbie, Mel, Lindsay, Justin) by a score of 10-5. "Tight" took a 3-0 lead before allowing "Playa" to tie up the game at 3 for the switch. Back to back 2's for "Tight" put them nearly out of reach before "Playa" could get it's last two points on the board. The wind played an interesting role, keeping one of Robbie's shots from going in by "blocking" it out and helping one of Brad's shots change from one point to two by "blocking" it in.

Game 3 - The third game started out very close. Greg bowed out to make the teams even and take some pictures, resulting in "Flaming, Fluffy Flapjacks" (Mel, Robbie, Lindsay, Brad) who fell to "Little Sharks with Napsacks" (Justin, Dan, Heather, Ross, later Greg) by a score of 10-5. This game was very defensive, with "Sharks" taking perhaps 30 minutes to score two singles before allowing a deuce to tie things up. Another fifteen minutes or so later there was a switch at 4-2 in favor of the "Sharks". The "Sharks" eventually put up one more point and then Greg joined on their side. With the now uneven teams, "Sharks" outscored "Flapjacks" 5-3 to win the game.

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