Jayhawk Division Stats

It was COLD today. But we had light snow, making for the first proper snow crumpets in Kansas in more than 2 years. Welcome home, Tau, we enjoyed playing crumpets with you!

Game 1 - The first game of the day started out 3 against 2. Normally we try not to do that, but it was cold and we didn't want to wait in the cold for Brad. "Confusion Excursion" (Robbie, Tau, Heather) took an early deficit against "3-Layer Melcake" (Mel, Greg, Brad), who scored a quick single. "Confusion" scored three unanswered, though, before Brad arrived to even up the teams. With Brad on their side, "Malcake" tied up the game at 3-3 at the switch. Over the rest of the game, the relatively fresh "Confusion" outscored "Melcake" 3-7 to win the game 6-10.

Game 2 - In the second game of the day, "Let's Put it on a Snapple Bottle" (Mel, Tau, Brad) faced off against "Heliocentric Fallacy" (Robbie, Greg, Heather). The game was quite tight until Mel got hurt on two consecutive plays and had to drop out. While she was out, and Greg was showing her how the camera works, "Snapple" scored 4 unanswered points to make the game all but unwinnable for "Heliocentric", who fell 10-6.

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