Jayhawk Division Stats - February 5th 2006

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It was the first chilly day we'd had in quite a while, but we still got in two Johnson County crumpets games before the super bowl grill-a-thon.

Game 1 - Game one was a 6v5 game in which "Administration of Justice" (Mel, Heather, Ross, Dan, Justin, John) defeated "Please Don't Pull My Spine Out" (Robbie, Greg, Eric, David, Brad) by a score of 10-5. The Administration struck fast, getting up 2-0 before allowing Spine to put in their only point for quite a while. Administration went on a 5-1 run to be up 7-2 before Spine could make it 7-4 at the switch. Spine ended the game with a 3-1 run.

Game 2 - Game two shows just how much our conversation can effect our team naming. IN the second game, "Evil Moustache Veto" (Robbie, Mel, Heather, Dan, Eric, Ross) defeated "Armpit Face" (Justin, Greg, John, David, Brad) by a score of 10-5.

After the games, some headed to my place for grilling and football/commercial watching.

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