Jayhawk Division Stats - April 2nd 2006

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It was a nice day today, but it was probably the windiest one we've had yet this year. Brad brought a lovely oversized ball that we played with for a while. That is, until it rolled off across campus. It took at least 3 90-degree turns and almost rolled down 14th Street before Mel finally caught up with it and brought the offending ball back. So then we used a regular ball and finished out the day.

Game 1 - In game one, "Keep Your Thumb Behind It" (Mel, Mad, Eric, John, Brad) defeated "What's the Matter with My Fat Balls?" (Robbie, Laura, Heather, Justin, Peter) by a score of 10-3. "Thumb" scored first with a fat-ball single, but no more points were scored with the fat ball before it rolled away. However, "Thumb" was awarded an extra point because Mel went to a lot of trouble to go rescue the ball. So "Thumb" was up, 2-0. "Thumb" made it 5-0 and took the switch before allowing a single from "Balls", who then allowed a deuce back. A double from "Balls" put the score at 7-3 at the second switch. With the wind again at their backs, "Thumb" had no problem putting this game away.

Game 2 - In game two, "Flubber Bubble Ball Goes Dung" (Peter, Heather, Eric, John, Brad) bested "We're Just Lying on the Ground" (Robbie, Laura, Mel, Justin, Mad) by a score of 10-9. "Ground" got the first blood with a single, but then allowed two deuces to go through to put themselves down 1-4 at the switch. With the wind now at their backs, "Ground" scored 3 deuces to be up 7-4 at the next switch. The wind died down a little bit, but "Flubber" managed to tie the game up at 7, then take a 7-8 lead at the last switch. "Ground" got the first points off the switch to get to 9-8, but allowed "Flubber" to score 2 singles to finish the game.

Game 3 - Many people left before the last game, but we had enough for a 3 on 3 between "Red is 50/50" (Robbie, Eric, Laura) and "I'm Right Behind You" (John, Brad, Heather). This game was almost all "Red", as they won a shut-out.

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