Jayhawk Division Stats

8 people came today for some toasty summer crumpets here in Lawrence. Three games were played, with relatively frequent water breaks. Nobody died, so that's a plus. And enough people showed, so we didn't have to lynch Kate and Jessica for skipping out.
The Lawrence Division welcomes back Joe, who has played here a few times, but mostly plays in MO. We also welcome another Joe who has never played here, and with whom it was a delight to play crumpets.
We also had a recurring "Beards vs. clean-shaven" theme, as you might see from the team names. Both Joes had beards.

Game 1 - This game began as 2 on 2, with "Join Us" on top of "Beardless Brigade" by a score of 9-1 by the time the next group of three showed up to play. Rather than immediately including the three, the four who were already playing decided their game wouldn't last much longer and they'd just finish it out. Lo and behold, "Beardless Brigade" managed to mount a scary 3-point run at this point, but couldn't overcome such a huge deficit. The final score was "Join Us" winning by 10-4.

Game 2 - "Baby Face" defeated "Two Bits" (as in, Shave and a Haircut...) by a score of 10-2. The wind rule was used in this game. The first switch came when "Baby Face", who started against the wind, gained the 3-2 advantage. They then got the wind at their back, and the one point advantage. These two things were too much for "Two Bits" to overcome.

Game 3 - "Orange Pants" were defeated by "We Suck at Team Names" by a score of 10-8. Joe and Madelaine (whose shorts were the official mascot of "Orange Pants") proved to be quite formidable in goal, making some of the most amazing saves I've ever seen. The heat began to take its toll in this game, requiring a lengthy water break with a score of 9-8. In the end, "We Suck at Team Names" pulled out the victory, but Joe has sworn that he will not be remembered for losing every game of crumpets he's ever played, and fully intends to return for future games.

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