Jayhawk Division Stats - May 15th 2006

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A switch to Mondays brought darker skies, less available crumpeting time but a lot more people. We would like to welcome Heather Brown to the field, as it was her first time playing.

Game 1 - In a game with very strange, long names, "Can't Sleep, Clown'll Eat Me" (Laura, John, Eric, Justin, Ryan and Lindsay) defeated "There's a Pretzel Over Here, Be Careful" (Heather Brown, Brad, Robbie, Mel and Mad) by a score of 10-2. Apparently "Clown" was geared up for the game due to their necessity for constant vigil (they probably had a lot of caffine), but due to a well placed serve return by "Pretzel", the "Clown" wasn't able to get a shutout.

Game 2 - Large teams got even larger for this game; "What's My Multplicative Identity" (Robbie, Mel, Brad, Heather Brown, Greg, Lindsay, Ryan) edged out "Pi > Cake" (Heather Boege, Eric, Laura, John, Justin, Mad, Tasha) by a score of 10 to 7. This game saw Greg get injured by his very own wife very early in the game, but to Heather's credit, it was Greg's fault.

This game was hard fought between two very large and evenly matched teams. In fact, both teams scored the same number of times, but Identity managed to put in more two-pointers than Pi Cake did.

Game 3 - In a game that shows just how important it is to understand what your team name means, "Celodon Verde" (Robbie, Lindsay, Justin, Greg, John, Laura, Heather) was beaten by "Green Shirt Brain Drain" (Heather, Ryan, Eric, Mel, Brad, Mad) by a score of 10-3. "Verde" did go most of the game with Greg playing, so it was not as if they had superior numbers for the entire game.

I believe there was talk of food aftewards, but if there was there was not a Me there with them, so I'm not quite sure what happened there, but I'm sure someone does.

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