Jayhawk Division Stats - July 12th 2003

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10 people came today for a LES soccer fields game. It was quite hot, but most everyone remembered to bring water, and some even brought enough to share. Some of us, however, did forget our sun screen. I apologize for the boringness of the descriptions, but I don't actually remember everything that happened.

Game 1 - In game one, " " defeated "41 Dollars" by a score of 10-4. This game saw a crumpets first when Stephanie, serving for her very first time, managed a triple scrub. Congratulations, Stephanie, on making the Field Crumpets Hall of Fame in one of your very first games ever.

Game 2 - Game two saw "The Red Thing's Connected to my Wristwatch" beat "Karate Sucks" by a score of 10-5.

Game 3 - In game three, "Lighthouse for the Blind" lost to "Bork Bork Bork" in a 3-10 slaughterhouse. It should be noted that this ended an 8-game winning streak for the teams Robbie was on. Well, I think that it should be noted, at any rate.

Game 4 - The combination of heat exhaustion and time restraints caused the final game to be played to five points. An early 3 points by "Sportsbra" made it look like they would be making short work of "Athletic Supporters". However, the "Supporters" made the switch over to commando, and took a more aggressive and flexible tactic and slowly battled the score back up to a tie game at 3-3. Although it is more aggressive and flexible, commando does have a drawback. And that is in its lack of goalie. "Sportsbra" finally maneuvered through the defense for an open two-point shot to wrap up the game.

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