Jayhawk Division Stats

Again we had 10 people today. It was a little warm for the start, but by the end it was perfect crumpeting weather. We also might get the opportunity to be somehow affiliated with the Red Bull energy drink.
More on that under "Game 5".

Game 1 - Game one began as a 2 vs 3 game. By the end it was 4 vs 5 and the team name "Three's a Crowd" had lost most of its charm. In the end, "Three's a Crowd" was toppled by "We Really Are Commando" by a score of 6-10.

Game 2 - In game two, "OK...whatever" defeated "Brunch Baller" by a score of 10-6.

Game 3 - Game three saw five of the six guys on "SLAP! BAH!!" (who were named to mimic the karate club), with the three girls and Robbie on "McWomen". "McWomen" got out to a quick start, scoring the first point off of a hand call. "SLAP! BAH!!" then proceeded to very slowly rack up points. The defense of "McWomen" was unbelievable, but in the end the lack of the extra player caused "McWomen" to grow simply too tired to keep up. The final score in this game was "SLAP! BAH!!" beating "McWomen" 10-1.

Game 4 - In game four, "Running Orange Parakeet" lost to "We Want to See Ourselves Fall" by a score of 7-10. "See Ourselves Fall" came out to a very early 3-7 lead, which allowed them to go commando very early due to their better scoreboard position. The "Parakeets" managed to pull the game back to 7-9, but the extra forward player on "See Ourselves Fall" was simply too much.

This game also saw David Tenney, long lost BVN band member, stumble by and join in the festivities.

Game 5 - In game five, "Madagascan Pine Trees" defeated "Lexus of Weevils" by a score of 10-7. By this game it had begun to get dark, and so playing was a little tricky. Robbie spent a lot of time in the goal towards the end of the game, so at the very end, when the "Pine Trees" went commando, Robbie was very fresh compared to most of the other players. And everyone knows that fresh Robbie is far better than stale Robbie.

Perhaps the most exciting event of the night came midway through the fifth game when two representatives of Red Bull Energy Drink approached us. They were curious about this new game, and offered us each a can of Red Bull in exchange for some information on our game. They might be back in the future, and they might bring their delicious beverages with them.

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