Jayhawk Division Stats - January 21st 2007

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Snow crumpets!!! Huzzah! Seriously, it doesn't get much better than this! It was almost all snow (very little ice this week), so the roads were more or less clear and the ground wasn't too hard (until we'd been running on it and packing the snow down, of course). We played two good games, then headed for the warm.

Game 1 - The first game was a match up between "What Other Funny Team Name Can We Come Up With This Week?" (Mel, Dan, Justin, Mark, Meaghan, Eric) and "We're Sick of Artificial Snow Crumpets!" (Greg, Robbie, Kaymay, Lindsay, David, Greg). This game started off in favor of "Team Name" with a quick one-pointer followed by a two point shot. "Artificial Snow" managed to pull a point back to get the score to 3-1 before the first switch. At this point I'm not quite sure how the scoring went, but it as far as game play went, "Name" always seamed to be in the right place to block "Snow's" passes. Eventually the score got to 8-something when Greg (playing without gloves because it gave him better grip on the Crumpet Stick) managed to injure his pinky finger. After attempting to keep the finger in his glove for a small bit, he decided that it would be best to give some attention to the finger and Justin kindly offered the use of a first aid kit found in a nearby Biology lab room which he had keys for.
Eventually the game ended with a score of 10-6 in favor of "Team Name", but it should be known that this game contained a great deal of sliding around, bodies being flung around the field (self-flung that is, it is frowned upon to pick up another person and fling them unless they request it specifically) as well as the creation of snow-tower-midway markers. Much fun was had by all (even Greg and his pinky), and especially so for many players whom this was their first honest game of snow crumpets.

Game 2 - The second game was a slide-fest between "Pinky Bleeders Anonymous" (Mel, Robbie, Justin, Kamay, Mark, David) (named for Greg's finger) and "Kappa Ski Cell" (Greg, Lindsay, Meaghan, Heather, Eric, Dan) (named for the three sorority girls who passed together, each talking on a separate cell phone). "PBA" had an extra player (and a 12-step plan) and took a fairly quicky 5-0 lead at the switch. Robbie got the next score for "PBA" on Kamay's great serve to a totally empty area of the field where he could line up a lucky sliding shot. At about that time, Greg joined back in and Mel dropped out to switch the teams the other direction, but the momentum was already going for "PBA". "KSC" scored 3 to make the next switch at 7-3, but the rest of the game was pretty much "PBA", with Mark ending the game with a solid windmill-style shot that sailed in for the final 2 to win the game 10-3 in favor of the "Pinky Bleeders".

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