Jayhawk Division Stats - June 3rd 2007

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It was a beautiful day for crumpets! A nice, soft breeze was coming in from the west and the grass was green and pretty at JCCC as the KC crumpeteers met for the first game of the summer season.

Game 1 - Game one saw "Fuzzy Ant Wizards" (Greg, Eric E, Heather, Brad) defeat "Chipotle Burrito" (Michelle, David, Eric Z, Rob) by a score of 10-4. As is so often the case, the score of this game doesn't do it justice. The game started out with "Wizards" down a player and "Burrito" jumped to a quick lead. The teams traded leads until they were tied at 4-4, which is when Brad arrived and joined "Burrito". The rest of the game was long and hard-fought, but it was all "Burrito" as they wrapped up the game with a 6-0 run.

Game 2 - Game two was quite tight, with "Monkey's Racehorse" (David, Eric E, Michelle, Greg) edging out "1% of the World" (Heather, Brad, Eric Z, Rob) by a score of 10-9. There were 5 lead changes on the way to an eventual 5-5 tie-up. Then "Racehorse" scored the first two 2-pointers of the game to take a 9-5 lead. A good shot by "World" put them back in the game 9-7. Then a fast break by Rob for "World" ended with David (goalie for "Racehorse") picking off a cross to Eric Z and accidentally knocking the ball into his own goal for two. He has since been killed by a group of Central American Crumpets fans. The last point was hard-fought, but in the end it went to "Monkey's Racehorse".

Afterwards, people headed over to the Overton's for drinks, grapes, bananas and good times.

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