Jayhawk Division Stats

A beautiful evening for a crumpet game, which ended up attracting a lot of people to the game. We welcomed back Kun for his second game, and also had 6 new players with us. Fortunatly for them there's a wonderful topic on the message board "Lessons for New Players." Check it out.

The multitude of players did bring us up to 16 at one point, forcing a split into two games, since we already know that 8 on 8 is a bad idea.

Game 1 - In an epic display of crumpet stick stabbing, Ross earned his team it's name of "It's on the ground and he's stabbing it with his stick." "You've got Newbs" probably should have reconsidered such a lengthy name, as they lost 10-3. Patrick Nuss continued his rampage on female crumpet players by running over Melissa in this game. Don't blame him too much, though, since he is quite a bit taller than most crumpet players.

Game 2 - "We Have to Talk" edged out "Pirates Suck" by a score of 10-7. This game was a very slow fought battle as many of the points scored were only single points. Patrick Nuss managed to get into the highlights of game two by having a hand call that ended the game. I think Patrick just likes having his name in the game notes.

Game 3 - At this point, we gained 4 more players which forced the game to be split into two simultaneous games. Near the street, "Quit hitting the ball in the street" edged out "Phat Beats" by a score of 10-4. This game was known most for the extremely loud music comming from the dorms down the street, and the loss of our good friend, Patrick's crumpet stick, CrumPow, which was horribly mangled but was played with till the end of the game. We'll miss you. (And look, Patrick showed up again, suspicious...)

Game 4 - This game lasted very, very long, to the point where we could barely see the crumpet and even less see Rob's keys. "Newspaper on the Ground" edged out "We're Gonna Lose" 11-5 in a game that involved 4 first time players and 1 second time player, and a whole lot of subbing. This game also had a wrapping call which was converted for 1 point by Newspaper, and a lot of irrate spectators that had nothing to do but watch the game slowly plod on into the darkness.

After the game a group of players went over to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate spicy stuff while talking over the day's crumpet matches. This was, of course, after some of us took a break to search for Rob's keys since he doesn't seem to be able to remember where he put them. Putting them inside a bag was a suggestion that was rejected immediatly because, well, what's the fun in that?

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