Jayhawk Division Stats - August 10th 2003

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A game in Overland Park at College and Lowell was the first game for many a crumpet player, including some Mac Grill folk and some Cerner folk. Ended up with 13 players after everyone got there, so we played with an enlarged field.

Game 1 - The hate was strong in this game. "We Hate Ourselves" defeated "Fueled by Hatred" by a score of 10-9. This was over an hour and a half long due to many stoppages for new players and an injury sustained to Ross Bowman in the mouth. The game was also rather interesting due to the new crumpet that was used, which seemed to be oversized and very lopsided. It was also very, very full. All of these factors prevented the crumpet from going straight or very far at all.

Game 2 - "Honor Roll Students" showed that good grades carry into crumpets by defeating "We're Going to be Extra Nice" by a score of 10-4. Due to the long first game, the energy level of this game was low, and the game did see two hand-calls, one of which was due to the frustration by a new player of Rob's constant complaining about kicking the crumpet out of play.

Game 3 - A half game was played due to the impending darkness, and "Hi Bikers" defeated "Where do babies come from?" by a score of 5-3. Ecco, a new player, had decided to play crumpets barefoot and had to leave the game due to cutting open her big toe.

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