Jayhawk Division Stats

After a pretty terrific rainstorm, 6 came out to play, 5 of whom came from KC.

Game 1 - This game started off 2 v 3, with the team of three, "Three Inch Hail" defeating "Mariah Carey" by the score of 10-0. Karin came by late in this game, but the addition of the extra player could not overcome the deficit that had been created.

Game 2 - "Hottness" beats out "Would you rather me not come at all?" by a score of 10-4.

Game 3 - "Nobody Loves Karin" defeats "Why does Robinson Steam?" by a score of 11-7. Perhaps "Why does Robinson Steam" was confused and thought the name applied to the person Robinson instead of the building Robinson. Just goes to prove how important names are.

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