Jayhawk Division Stats - February 8th 2003

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10 people showed up for crumpets today. We had all hoped for snow crumpets, but instead there was just one patch of snow in the middle of the field. It threw everybody off, though, since people tended to forget it was there. So it was worth while. The ground was also nice and muddy. Greg Boege and Rob Winnie were found guilty of being the muddiest, grass-stainedest people by the end of the afternoon.

It's also worth noting that there were four hand calls today, which is a record for one session of crumpets. Only one of these hand calls was successfully converted into points.

Game 1 - "Genetic Accidents" were defeated by "Dexter Kline Originals" in the first game by a score of 8-11. Katie Heil was taken off the field in an early head to shoulder collision but was only forced to sit for 5 minutes or so. The Originals got a very quick 4-0 lead but promptly lost it when the Accidents came out with an unanswered 6 points. Their momentum was interrupted, though, as the Originals picked the pace back up to finish out the game. This game saw two called hand-balls.

Game 2 - In game two "Dirt Beneath Your Feet" were blown out by "Jeremiah Buettner is Cool" in a sound 10-2 victory. This game saw one hand call. Experts agree that the only major mistake that "Dirt Beneath Your Feet" made was giving the other team a name that was too cool, which often can lead to such blowouts as this one. One hand-ball was called in this game.

Game 3 - "Clean Jeans" fell to "Picasso's Lost Ear" 10-9 in an epic battle. Picasso's Ear got to a 5-0 lead up to the point where Robbie had to leave. A pair of points was scored by both teams (two for the Ears off of a hand call), Clean Jeans went on a 7-1 run, but Picasso's Ears finished the game with two points off the serve.

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