Jayhawk Division Stats

The temperature earlier today rose to an astounding 107 degrees, but by 6pm we were on the shaded, windswept lawn at Allen Fieldhouse and it felt more like lower 80s. The temperature was very nice. At the height we had 8 people for two very close games of crumpets. We were all also introduced to Crumpow Jr., Patrick's new crumpet stick.

Game 1 - In game 1, "We Don't Want That Name Because We'll Lose" lost (surprise, surprise) to "We're Not Playing" by a score of 10-8. The lead constantly teetered back and forth, with a bit of an advantage coming for "We're Not Playing" when Robbie was taken out by a crazy shot to the leg in a throw. But after the point, Heather switched over to replace Robbie and make the teams even. Towards the end of the game, with "We're Not Playing" up by a point, there was a foot call immediately in front of their goal. Patrick laid down in front of the ball to protect the ball, but his stick was moved by Rob to touch the ball and force him, amid much arguing, to move away from the point of kicking. Then there was some slight of hand as Heather and Rob both got a stick on the ball and scored for a single point. Alas, it was not enough to pull out the win.

Game 2 - Kun and Roque joined us for this game, in which "Deep Bass Soles" was defeated by "Farkle Cheaters" in another 8-10 game. With all due respect, "Deep Bass Soles" was essentially playing short a player as Robbie couldn't run. In related news, the spot on Robbie's shin grew continuously larger to the point that it achieved status as the highest point in Kansas. I've currently got it iced, and let me tell you, it's not easy to type and keep a bag of ice on your leg at the same time.

After the ill fated game, a group of the non-critically injured players went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which was pretty mundane until Patrick managed to get ahold of the bar trivia game machines and proceeded to enter a team named "CRMPOW" in memory of his late crumpet stick. Thanks to Rob's general wealth of information about Rome and Sabine women, and not thanks to Patrick's mistaking Baroque music for Classical music, the team managed to win the round and even get the 10th highest score in the game this year. Just goes to show that crumpet players are smarter than your average Joe (Crumpets makes you smarter!).

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