Jayhawk Division Stats

A very lovely day, fresh off the rainy weekend. It made the temperature very comfortable, and the ground nice and soft. We played 4 full games and one half game. None of the teams belonging to the captains of any of the games won.

Game 1 - The game started out slow, with each team scoring a 2-pointer. Then "Why Are You Running" broke out with 7 unanswered points. "United Robs Inc." managed to pull out 5 more, though, before "Why Are You Running" finished them off.

Game 2 - Nothing too exciting in this game. Pat Flor showed up, and was much welcomed by the team for which he played. The other team was less excited, as he quickly unbalanced the teams in favor of his team, and that's just not fair, dang itt.

Game 3 - Ouch, that's all I really have to say about this one. A 10-3 loss for "Past the Ball" shows just how strong the Membrane was.

Game 4 - Melissa showed up for this game, coming straight from her meeting. Ironically, she was the only girl, and was not on the team who's name was "I'm the Only Girl". "CCS Sucks" was a reference to the new heckling section that the KU Crumpets League collected. "CCS Sucks" came out to an early 6-3 lead, but lost the game to a 7-0 run against them.

After the game we went again to Buffalo Wild Wings. We witnessed some fantastic trivia answering, and witnessed some not-so-fantastic baseball, as the Royals let a 3-0 lead slip and become an 8-7 loss.

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