Jayhawk Division Stats

Today was the first day of Sunday afternoon games for the fall semester. It was a gorgious day, not too hot, not too cold. It rained yesterday, so the ground was nice and soft. We 14 people today, but the most who played at any one time was 12 (in two 6-on-6 games). For a little pre-game entertainment, we read aloud from a pamphlet we found on the field called "Abstinence and Self-Esteem".

Game 1 - In game one, "Hooray for Sex" defeated "Abstinence and Self-Esteem". Is it a sign? Or is it coincidence? I'll let you decide. As Madelaine, of "Abstincence", said "We're just afraid to put it in".

"Hooray for Sex" took a fairly quick 9-0 lead. However, late in the game both Eric and Natasha each scored for "Abstinence". It was decided that, really, they were the only ones who were allowed to score, since they were already married.

Game 2 - Game two saw "Kun's in the Bathroom" shut out "Gargamel's Going to Eat Us" by a score of 10-0 (in case you didn't know what 'shut out' meant). Ouch. I have to admit that this is one of the first times I've been shut-out ever. "Gargamel" tried having me in goal, Gargamel tried going commando, but in the end the result was the same...a solid butt whipping by the hand of "Kun's in the Bathroom".

Game 3 - In game 3, "Ghost of Bowmans Past" faced off against "Halloween Wedding". I promise that there was no conversation ahead of time about the use of those scary, ghostly names. It should be mentioned that "Ghost of Bowmans Past" had 5 players, while "Halloween Wedding" had 6.

"Bowmans Past" leapt out to an early 3-0 lead, making it look like it would be a repeat of the previous game. However, the "Wedding" came back strong with a 7-point run to make the score 3-7 before stalling at 7. "Bowmans Past" won several hard-fought points and pulled ahead to make the score 9-7 before "Wedding" squeaked one more 2-pointer past them. In the end, it was an awkward dribbler off the stick of Natasha that sneaked past Robbie in the goal for the game winning point, with the final score "Ghost of Bowmans Past" - 10, "Halloween Wedding" - 9.

Game 4 - Several players left before game 4, but we added Patrick and Matt, who were on their way to the Ultimate Frisbee game across the street. They left about halfway through the game so they could go play ultimate, but they played valiantly while they were there.

This game saw "Field Crumpets is Better Than Ultimate Frisbee" lose to "You're Right" by a score of 6-10.

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