Jayhawk Division Stats

A lovely day today. It was raining yesterday, so the ground was soft again. In fact, it rained some today, making the ground even softer. The only problem was that the rain led to a little more sliding than we normally experience, which put some of us in a slightly dangerous position. Perhaps an article on proper sliding is in order for the Discussion Board.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" defeated "Cincinati Bangles" by a score of 10-7. The Bangles jumped out to an early lead, giving the impression that they were better than the football team after which they were named (which they were, but not by as much as it first looked). Raindrops caught right up though, and turned it into quite a battle before finally pulling out for the win.

Game 2 - In this game, "Brazilian Touch" defeated "Short" by a score of 10-4. This was, again, a fairly long game. However, the scoring was a bit lopsided throughout as Short just couldn't keep up with the Brazilians.

Game 3 - Game 3 saw "Go Cheese" defeat "Second Game Amnesia" by a score of 10-7. This game saw some of the most aggressive sliding of the afternoon, and ended up with one particularly dangerous play in which about 4 people all slid into the ball at about the same time. It resulted in one injury, taking Greg out of the game. Since Greg was on "Amnesia", who only had 6 players, and since "Go Cheese" had 7 players, there was a number picking to determine who would move to "Amnesia" from "Go Cheese" to even up the teams. In the end, Greg left the game, and John switched sides. I might add that John was not a traitor, and did some magnificent playing for his former arch-nemesis.

Game 4 - Game 4 dropped down to a 3 on 3 game between "Twisted Sister Slide Tackle" and "We're Workin' It".This game was downright crazy, especially since almost all of the points scored were single pointers. "Sister" broke out with the early 3-0 lead, and held it to a score of 7-4. Then, "We're Workin' It" blew up in their faces, scoring 4 unanswered points to take the lead for the first time in the game by a score of 7-8. In the end, though, it was not quite enough as "Sister" pulled off 3 more unanswered points to round out the game, 10-8 in favor of the "Sister".

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