Jayhawk Division Stats - September 28th 2003

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The temperature was perfect today for crumpets. Although slightly cool, the chill was quickly forgotten once we all started running around in the sun. We also had a bit of wind, which lead us to use the wind rule in all four games. On the down side, the ground was extremely hard today. The hardest I've ever seen, and I've driven crumpet stakes into frozen ground. This lead to a few more bruises than we normally see, but I don't think we had any serious injuries today.

Game 1 - In game one, "We Love Missouri Tigers" lost to "So Do We" by a score of 10-4. Of the four games played today, this was the only one that was really fairly one-sided. All of the other games were very well fought, although the scores don't all show it.

Game 2 - Again capitalizing on the call/response style team name, game two saw "What Are We, Stupid?" facing off against "No!". This is what happens when one team names the other team before the other team has thought of a name.

There was a brief period of absolute craziness in the middle of this game after a disputed goal and when Greg and Heather were added to our numbers. For a short while nobody could remember who was on their team, what the score was, or who gets all the scholarship money that our councelors used to tell us was out there. Then we remembered that the answer to all three questions was 6-4. Or at least that was the answer to the most important of the three questions.

With that settled, "What Are We" proceeded to finish off "No!" by a score of 10-5.

Game 3 - Game three saw the "Baby Seals" eat "Traditional German Meal" for lunch. The "Seals" came out to an early lead before a hand call against Robbie (of the Seals) was converted by Rob into a third point for the "Meal". In the end, though, "Baby Seals" was on top by a score of 10-3.

Game 4 - In what was the closest game of the afternoon, "We're Wearing the Same Shirt as Last Week" defeated "Three Guys, a Girl, and a Crumpet Stick" by a score of 10-6.

Tension was high and energy was low in this game, which lead to alternately lethargic and extremely aggressive playing. Fortunately, nobody got hurt.

A hand call against Natasha (of "3 Guys, a Girl and a Crumpet Stick") was converted by Robbie into one point for "Same Shirt". Perhaps one of the highlight plays of the game was when John (of "3 Guys") attempted to kick the ball into play from its out of bounds spot right next to his own goal. A beutiful pick against the defender left him wide open to kick it in, when Melissa suddenly appeared from the other side of the field. Nobody was quite sure where she came from, but she ended up right in front of the ball, which bounced off her stick and into the goal for a quick 2 points that surprised everyone on the field.

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