Jayhawk Division Stats

We were Robbieless today, but Crumpets went on as usual. It was a very very nice day outside - sunny, not too windy, and a comfortable but unexpectedly warm temperature. What we were lacking in Robbieness we were also lacking in girls, as only Heather came today while seven guys cames, making a total of eight people for those who have difficulties adding.

Game 1 - "Twice Baked Lasagna With Meatballs" soundly defeated "We don't have Polypropylene" by a score of 10-0. One interesting fact behind this game is that a "sun rule" was put into effect, causing for a switch of sides because the sun was getting into the eyes of one side of the field during the high serves. Whether this rule will be used again remains to be seen, although there was some talk about simply switching sides at 5 points regardless of wind, sun, slope or anything else at all.

Game 2 - This game was much more closely fought, with "KU Baseball Sucks" beating "Why Does the Sun Shine?" by a score of 11-7. The Sun came off to a quick start by scoring a two point goal, but Baseball Sucks then scored three in a row, causing a side switch under the sun rule. The game remained closely matched with neither side being more than 2 points ahead until the final score. An interesting play did result in John blocking a shot with his face, saving a goal but resulting in his glasses being hit off his face to about five feet away, giving his glasses the nickname "Glasses of Destruction" from some people, although they didn't really destroy anything.

Game 3 - Also a good game, "Crumpets Under the Influence" beat out "What about, Um?" by a score of 11-5. CUI started off the game with Eric scoring 4 points straight, before being placed in goal and an irate Greg that had been in goal and scored on 3 times going commando and giving Eric a small taste of his own medicine. "What about" managed to score another three points, but in the end CUI was able to pull the victory.

A final note would be that we got the three games done in record time, only taking about an hour and a half for all three. Pretty quick, since I've known of games going for longer than an hour.

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