Jayhawk Division Stats - November 16th 2003

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It was another lovely day in Lawrence, and we managed to play 3 games of 3 on 3 crumpets. The field was set up by Patrick this time, which ended up having the dimensions, especially of the goals, much smaller than usual (the goal was 6 paces across instead of 8, and the goal-to-sideline was 8 paces instead of 12). I must note that these are the dimensions used by ISU's crumpets for quite some time, and even seemed to work pretty well for a 3 on 3 scenario. Due to the smallness of the goals, the game became much more defense oriented than usual.

Game 1 - "A monk and a week" defeated "Isn't that... you?" by the score of 10-4. This game was definatly used to get a feeling for the smaller field. The game started with a very quick 2 points by "Isn't that... you?" but by the wind break (switching sides due to the wind rule) the score was 3-2 in favor of "A monk and a week". "A monk and a week" managed to then close out the game, although almost exclusivly by one pointers - a fact which I believe had very much to do with the smaller goals.

Game 2 - "L-Teen" (as in, the number "L" plus 10) defeated "Arabic Unanary" by a score of 10-8 in a very hard fought and well played game. The score remained reletivly close until Arabic Unanary came out to a 7-4 lead. After an L-Teen point, though, Greg used the wind to his advantage to put in his serve for 2 points, tieing the score. Unanary came back with a one pointer to get the game to possible crumpets point, but then L-Teen took a two pointer to get the game to crumpet point. At this point, a nice person from Watkins Medical center came by and asked if we would let her take pictures of us "excercising" for a mural that will be adorning the center (look for this in weeks to come). We said yes, signed our souls away (as well as any profits that may come from our souls/photographs), and continued playing. Unfortunatly we continued playing very poorly, and it wasn't until Greg decided to again act like a madman and almost kill himself a few times. This seemed to spark life back into the game (and hopefully got a few good pictures for the nice lady from Watkins Medical Center, look for that banner soon!), and the rest of the game was played in the same highly contested manner that it started out in.

Game 3 - People had to leave soon, so this game was played to 5 points. "Stage Fright Jackass" defeated "Horrible Comedic Routine" by a score of 6-2. "Stage Fright Jackass" came out to a very quick 4 points, at which we used the wind rule (at 2.5 points instead of 5) and Comedic Routine managed to get 2 before a short stalemate. Patrick then manged to wedge in a shot from distance at halfway, ending the game and the afternoon, but not after a spectacular display of Crumpets skill and enthusiasm from all plays in all the games played. I believe everyone should be happy with how they played.

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