Jayhawk Division Stats - January 25th 2004

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Welcome to Field Crumpets 2004. Today was cold and icy and, partly because there was a basketball game that started at 1, the Crumpets turnout was low. But we got some good publicity from it, so that's exciting. Anyway, for the four who did show up, we had a grand old time.

Game 1 - Game 1 was a 2 vs 1 game with "(Insert team name that I forgot here)" (Melissa and Robbie) edging out "Look at Me! I'm KU Basketball!" (John) by a score of 5-4. This game took place over half time of the basketball game, so we got some good spectator interaction.

Game 2 - Game two saw the arrival of Mr. Rob Winnie. It started as a 1 vs 2 game with "(insert another team name I forgot here)" (Robbie) against "Come Play Crumpets With Us" (John and Melissa). When Rob showed up he joined Robbie's team. Rob and Robbie jumped out to a fast and strong lead, running the score up to 8-3. Just when things looked desparately bad for John and Mel, they pulled together a nice little run, making the score 8-6 before Rob and Robbie could put away the last two points of the match. Then we all went home to dethaw.

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