Jayhawk Division Stats

Today was a chilly, snowy, fun day. Four people showed up again, so we had just enough to keep it interesting. Hopefully more people will be there next week, since we won't be dealing with the Super Bowl.

Game 1 - Game one started out as 2 vs 1 with "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" (John and Robbie) facing off against "Wide Right" (Melissa). After a few points, Tasha showed up to join Melissa's team. The final score of 10-1 doesn't reflect it very well, but the game was extremely well-fought defensively and "Girls Rule" had to fight hard for every point. Every point, that is, except 1 when John brought the ball in off of Melissa's leg and it bounced into the goal.

Game 2 - In the second game, "Verruckte Schweine" (John and Melissa) defeated "Wir freuen uns auf die Katze" (Tasha and Robbie) by a score of 10-9. The game began heavily in the favor of the Schweine, who quickly raised the score to a healthy 5-2, with their first two points being a shot by Melissa that went between Robbie's legs. The Katze brought it back to make the score a respectable 5-4 before the Schweine took off again to make it 9-4. At this point the Katze took up the motto "Wir essen Schweinefleisch gern", and this rallied them to bring the score to a 9-9 tie before Melissa scored the final point to end the game "Verruckte Schweine" - 10, "Wir freuen uns auf die Katze" - 9.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, everybody!

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