Jayhawk Division Stats

Yay for snow crumpets! The snow was quite deep today, which made for very soft, cushy games for the first two, and made for a very packed-down, icy, hurty game for the last one. The Crumpets Club would like to welcome Kristin Ahlvin, who joined us today for the first time. We hope you'll come back for many more games in the future.

Game 1 - In game one "Wardrobe Malfunction" defeated "We're Losing to a Newb" by a score of 10-9. Kristin scored her first of several goals in this game against the team that was named in honor of her.

We're Losing jumped to a very quick lead, but the lead was shattered after a questionable play resulted in a less-than-optimal call for their team. Instead of their desired free-shot, they got the ball as a foot near their own goal, and promptly passed the ball to the opposing team who scored it for two.

After this, Wardrobe Malfunction never looked back, bringing the score to a 9-9 tie before putting the game away.

Game 2 - Game two saw "Downwind Vampires" defeat "Smile for the Camera" by a score of 10-6. Often I'll comment that, although the scores don't reflect it, a game was actually a very good game. This game was quite the opposite. Although it looks fairly close on paper (or floating across space to your computer) this game was a long, horrible process for "Smile for the Camera" who really never had much of a chance and didn't make the score respectable until right at the end.

This game ended with Greg getting hurt on the snow-turned-ice and Patrick switching sides for the last few points to make the teams even.

Game 3 - In game three, "Capri Pants" defeated "Singular Sensation" by a score of 10-5. Singular got off to a fast start. With the wind at their backs and an extra player they quickly made the score 4-1, and then pushed it on up to 5-1 after the side change. The rest of the game was all "Capri Pants", who made the score 5-5 and then got a few breaks. Twice was the extra-player removed from Singular. First with John injuring his shoulder on an heroic dive for the ball followed by Robbie leaving early to go to a rehearsal.

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