Jayhawk Division Stats

Well, here we are. It's a gorgious day for late April, school is winding down, and we're all out to play crumpets. What's that you say? It's actually February? And there's lots of school left to go? Well, tell that to my thermometer.

It was a gorgious day today and we got in 5 games and had a few passers-by join after the nearby baseball game ended. We welcome Alex, and we welcome back Patrick Landazuri, who is returning from a very serious butt surgery. Kudos also go to Melissa, who was already not feeling well and took 3 very solid shots to the head today.

Game 1 - Game one was one of the two lopsided games of the day. In this game, "Media Misquotes" (Robbie, Greg, Melissa, Madeline) defeated "Period of Mourning" (John, Heather, Katie) by a score of 10-2.

Game 2 - Game two saw "Farkling Recap" (Melissa, Greg, John) edge out "Me Al" (Katie, Me, Heather, Madeline) by a score of 10-7. Melissa scored early off of a face-shot. That is, Robbie tried to clear it, and instead it bounced into Melissa's face and back into the goal. Later in the game there was a very unfortunate in-bounds play where Melissa took a shoulder to the face and was taken out of the game for a bit. To compensate, Katie Heil switched teams for the last 2 points. With the score at 9-5 in favor of "Recap", John wizzed a shot past the goalie, but it bounced off of the stake and didn't go into the goal. Robbie managed to get to it while it was still bouncing and put some air under it to send it all the way back to the other goal and score for 2 points, thus extending the game and allowing me to say that my team was "edged out" instead of "defeated soundly".

Game 3 - In game three, "Knotted Sandals" (Robbie, Peter, Greg, Madeline) defeated "Stinky Something" (John, Katie, Melissa, Heather) by a score of 10-4. This game saw Alex joining in. He took Katie's place on "Stinky Something".

Game 4 - Wow. What a terrible, lopsided game. Well, terrible for "Sails Full of Blow" (Robbie, Alex, Heather, Melissa), who were defeated very, very soundly by "Chief's Defense" (Greg, John, Patrick, Peter, Katie). The Defense jumped to an early lead when Robbie needed to use a hand to prevent a score on the serve. Robbie blocked the shot, but unfortunately the return bounced between his legs for two points. The Defense continued to quickly mount up to a score of 9-0 before the Sails called a somewhat questionable hand. In my defense, it was definitely a hand, it was just probably not intentional. But the Sails scored two off the hand, and then pulled out one more point on the next series before "Chiefs Defense" finished them off, 10-3.

Game 5 - Game three was a very good game with some very sneaky tactics. In this game, "Sunny Butt Cheeks" (Robbie, Melissa, Heather, Patrick) unseated "Reigning Butt-Surgery Champions" (Katie, John, Peter, Greg) by a score of 10-8. The Cheeks jumped out to an early 4-1 lead before the Champions pulled it back to a 6-4 game. It was at this point that Melissa was taken out of the game for a while with a nasty face-shot. She returned later, but Robbie, Patrick and Heather vowed to avenge her near-death in the meantime. They went ahead and did so, bringing the score back to 8-6. It was here that a very clever play was called by the Champions. Katie served what looked like a scrub (in bounds, but far short of half court). While the Cheeks were busy saying they didn't want a scrub, John followed the ball (without touching it) until it rolled, v..e..r..y s..l...o....w.....l......y across midfield. He then took it past the surprised Cheeks to score and make it a tie game at 8-8. Again, vowing to avenge this tomfoolery, the Cheeks pulled out two more one-point goals to round out the game.

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