Jayhawk Division Stats

Happy Leap Year Day everyone! It was quite an adventure playing crumpets on this crazy leap year. The day started out slightly overcast, but nice and warm (for February) and promised to be a good one. About the time we were getting dressed to go to the field, it started raining. And it was a pretty solid rain. Melissa, Greg, Heather and I showed up and played two half-games with John joining at the end of the second. Rob showed up later, and I apologize for being done already, but we were all getting cold and sick after only about an hour in the rain.

Game 1 - Game one saw "Something Quick" (Greg and Melissa) defeat "It's Going In My Ear" (Heather and Robbie) by a score of 5-3. Highlights in this game include Robbie asking Heather to cover Greg because he "had Melissa covered". She responded in a very Babe Ruth-esque manner by stating that he did not, and then immediately scored 2 points for the Ears. Quick put 2 points right back, then Ear scored one more, which was again matched by Quick. But Ear finished it off with a two pointer.

Game 2 - Game Two saw "And That Guy" (Melissa, Robbie, later John) defeat "Dude! You're Wrong!" (Greg and Heather) by a score of 5-4. That Guy jumped out to a fast 3-1 lead with back to back goals. The first was for one point, and the second was a fantastic kick by Melissa which ricocheted off Greg's stick at the other end for two points. You're Wrong jumped back in, though, to make the score 3-3 before each team proceded to score another one-pointer to tie up the game with both teams at Crumpet Point. Then John came and Robbie won a remote-farkle over Heather, winning John for "And That Guy". An extra player means little in a 5-6, 4-5 or even a 3-4 game. But when it's 2-3, the extra player is almost impossible to overcome, and this proved to be true as Robbie and John swarmed the goal while Melissa "Shortstop" Hambleton covered the goal. John ended up finishing this game off for a final score of 5-4 in favor of "And That Guy".

Fortunately, my car dried out. Then I laid all my clothes out to dry, then I took a nice, hot shower. It's amazing how much colder a little rain makes it.

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