Jayhawk Division Stats

4 people showed for a surprisingly cold and windy game of crumpets today. C'mon guys! I know we can do better than four people. Maybe next week. :-)
Only one game was played today.

Game 1 - It was a neck and neck game between "Run by Fruiting" and "No! We Want YOUR Name!". For a short while it looked as though "No!" might pull out, as the score was 8-5 in their favor. However, "Run by" tied it up, with the tieing goal bouncing off of Robbie's shin and into his own goal. "Run by" followed this up with one more quick point, but "No!" answered quickly making it 9-9. "No!" scored the final goal, for a score of 10-9 in favor of "No! We Want YOUR Name!".

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