Jayhawk Division Stats

Welcome to Pi Day 2004. 3-14 only comes around once a year, so what better to do on that day than play crumpets (or possible find the area of a circle). We played three games today, and the weather was phenominal. Unfortunately only 6 showed up, which is odd because KU's out and the weather was so nice. But perhaps next time we'll have more.

Game 1 - Game 1 saw "Happy Pi Day" (John, Robbie, Greg) defeat "How Many Digits of Pi Do You Know?" (Heather, Mad, Mel). How Many Digits got the first blood with a one-point score against Robbie in the goal. The next half-hour or so was all Happy Pi Day, who ran the score up to 9-1. But the tables seemed to turn when John shot a questionable goal that would have won the game for his team. However, Heather defeated him in the farkle, which is something few can be said to have done. This seemed to put a little life back into How Many Digits and they brought the score back up to 9-4 before Happy Pi Day was able to put away the final point, ending the game 10-4 in favor of Happy Pi Day.

Game 2 - Game two saw "Chalk Profanity" (John, Heather, Robbie) defeat "Chalk Wars" (Mad, Mel, Greg) by a score of 10-3. The only particularly noteworthy event in this game was the tearing of Greg's jeans, which was a pretty nasty tear.

Game 3 - Game three was one of those amazing games that only comes once in every 10 or 20 games. In this game, "Super Crumpet Sliding Pants" (John, Mad, Robbie) squared off against "Knee Pads" (Greg, Heather, Mel). With the wind at their backs, the Pads scored the first goal. That was answered, however, by a quick one-pointer from the Pants to tie it up at 1. The rest of points, up to the switch, went to the Pads leaving the score 1-5 in favor of the Pads at the switch.

After the switch and against the wind, the Pads put away yet another goal to make the score 1-7 before the Pants finally broke their 6-0 streak with a two-pointer of their own, making the score at the second switch 3-7 in favor of the Pads.

After the switch the Pants put away two more quick goals to tie the score up at 7 before the Pads stopped their 6-0 run with a 1 point goal to make the score at the third switch 7-8 in favor of the Pads.

Greg, of the Pads, sneaked one from half-court past John and Robbie to put his team at Crumpet point and the score at 7-9. Again, though, a single play turned the momentum of the game. The Pads were approaching the goal for the final point with John (the goalie) and Mad out of the way, and only Robbie (who had thrown his stick) left between them and victory. Greg put up a soft shot which Robbie tried to kick, but only just caught with the back of his heel. As the ball approached the goal, Robbie shouted "CALL IT!" and John, being the compliant person he is, said "foot!" just before the ball entered the goal. This gave the Pads a foot call right in front of the Pants' goal but they were unable to convert. The pants scored another 1 point to make the score 8-9, and then John floated a 2-point shot well above the heads of everyone on the Pads to give the Pants their first lead of the game, and the win, with a final score of "Super Crumpet Sliding Pants" 10 and "Knee Pads" 9.

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